Obsessive compulsive disorder. Panic attacks. Self-mutilation. Anxiety.  Four mental health obstacles, and the one teen who survived — and thrived: Sophie Riegel.

From middle school through high school, Sophie struggled every single day. She was confused about her horrific thoughts, bullied by her peers about her “strange” behaviors, and felt ashamed of herself. But yet, she persisted. Through years of therapy, medication, the support of her family, and finding her inner strength to fight anxiety, Sophie found hope and happiness. In this groundbreaking book, written for teens by a teen, Sophie paints a vivid image of the reality of living with anxiety, but also gives the readers tips, tools and techniques for managing their own struggles. Sophie’s honesty and humor shine through on every page, inspiring teens (and those who love them) to take charge of their mental health – and their lives.  Sophie offers practical advice to teens, parents, and professionals on how to talk about anxiety, how NOT to talk about anxiety, when to ask for help, and so much more.  

Don’t Tell Me To Relax is a book that everyone who cares about mental illness and mental health should read.

#1 Best Seller Anxiety Book

#1 Best Seller OCD Book

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